MM Productions Barcelona produces in Barcelona and Spain  for video and photo shoots.
Our new offices based in Barcelona  allow any Client weather spanish or international to receive any production facilities on-site in a very short time.

MM Productions Barcelona consists of a group of dynamic and creative multilingual professionals with different backgrounds which can contribute
with their 360° vision to any Clients project.
Following some of the production facilities we provide:
Multilingual fixers, producers and executive producers

Location archive and scouting

Transportation through air, water and land such as motorhomes, vans, yachts,   cargo boats, scooters, helicopters and Vip private jets.
We do castings in studio or on the  streets depending on the Client’s brief searching for kings or…….. slaves as necessary!!
Prop research  such as: furniture, animals, vehicles, clothes, etz

Accomodation facilites such as: Hotel, apartments and villas reservation

Equipment rental
(Redcam, Canon, Nikon, RedRock Profoto, Arri, Gitzo, Briese, Elinchrome, Manfrotto, Prime, Motorola, Hensel, etc..)

(Directors, DOP’s, DIT, photo assistants, Seamstress, Schenographers, Photographers, Stylists, Hair & Make-up artists, Gaffer’s, Best boys, etz)

MM Productions Barcelona, working with the most qualified agencies and specialists in the world, provides assistance in finding the most suitable professional for your tv or photographic project in Spain (including the best directors, photographers, fashion stylists, props stylists, make-up artists, hair stylists, etc) MM represents international talents.